Why Not Send Your Child to One of the Top Private Schools in Canada?

Why Not Send Your Child to One of the Top Private Schools in Canada?

Top Private Schools in Canada Engage Students



The top private schools in Canada promote an active learning environment where every student can engage with course material and subject matter. Teachers at bring students into class discussions and group activities on a daily basis. Guidance counsellors and tutors work to find strategies to help students overcome learning challenges. Leaders of extra-curricular clubs and teams encourage collaboration, leadership, and endeavour. At top private schools, the entire team helps to maximize each student’s academic success. Your child’s school will play a vital role in shaping his or her future. Why not opt for the opportunity that will provide your child with the best possible educational outcome?



Educators with a Passion


Teachers in the country's top private schools have a passion for educating, working long hours to ensure that each of their students has the tools he or she needs to meet academic goals. With smaller class sizes, teachers develop a working relationship with their students and are better able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, helping them overcome challenges through encouragement and greater attention in specific areas of need. At a private school, students are not just faces in the crowd, they are members of a community. Teachers work to help each student overcome any individual obstacles to learning in a more focused setting where trust has been established. In addition, many prep schools embrace the philosophy of "learn by doing”, which helps to solidify concepts and instill confidence in students. By challenging students and keeping them involved in their own personal development, top private schools engender an intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.



Students who feel comfortable in a classroom setting are more likely to engage in discussions, ask questions, and develop useful study habits. This will in turn help them succeed in the next step of their education. After all, acceptance into a good university is just the first step, being able to cope and excel with new educational demands once the students begins, is in fact, the real challenge.


In addition to teachers, top prep school administrators and support staff go the extra mile to help ensure each student’s success.



Striving for Excellence


By focusing on learning and active participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities, teachers are stimulating the creative and intellectual development of each and every student. By integrating the most advanced technology into the school system, private school educators are also promoting higher numeracy and literacy rates for their students.


Beyond educational development, private schools believe in personal character development, using every effort to produce well-rounded students who possess the following values:


   Respect for Self and Others


   Personal Responsibility

   Service to the Community



Students may be asked to volunteer in the community, to lead school projects, employ tools to resolve conflicts, and to model exemplary behaviour.


Find a private or prep school whose values align with those of your family, and ask to speak to an admissions officer today. Discover how a private school setting can help to increase your child’s academic performance and personal growth.

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